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Free Homeschool Manual

Take the Overwhelm out.  Just Get Started.

It’s like a pep talk in your pocket. Gain confidence and skills you need to launch your homeschool with this 9-page guide.  Learn to adopt a relaxed mindset and reframe your approach by embracing the “New 3Rs” – Rhythm, Resources, and Relax.  Build a relaxed, sustainable homeschool for you and your kids without the stress.


Get back to what matters

listen and adapt

Your child is a wonderful teacher – spend the time listening closely and you’ll learn how to build a homeschool you both love. 

grow their autonomy

Include your child in their homeschool planning.  You’ll be teaching executive function skills and, ultimately, growing their autonomy. 

eliminate drudgery

Adapting and revising your homeschool plan along the way is a critical, often-missed step.  Keep what works.  Discard the rest.

connect deeply

Take time each day to really connect with your student.  As you build your homeschool, make  space to ask, listen, and connect.

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Planners & Tools

Unique, step-by-step planners designed for a partnership-style homeschool.

Partnership Planners

All of my tools aim to build autonomy and joy in your homeschool. By guiding you along the way and encouraging you to plan WITH your student, you'll soon have a relaxed, thriving homeschool.
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Sometimes you just need a little one-on-one guidance to set you on the right course.

Homeschool Coaching

With over 8 years of homeschooling experience. I bring a wealth of knowledge and compassion to help guide you on your own journey. From hourly consults to full-blown curriculum planning services,
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