New to homeschooling?

Homeschooling can feel quite overwhelming.  If you’re scared, frustrated, or just burned out, I just want you to know that you’re in the right place.  Lemonade Homeschooling is all about bringing clarity and ease to your homeschool journey.  With SIMPLE plans and tools, you and your student will build a partnership homeschool that is easy and joyful.

Simple Tools. Time Tested.

I have spent many years creating a more relaxed way to homeschool.  It’s rooted in what I call partnership planning.  I’ve developed step-by-step planners that are simple to use, streamlined, and effective. No frilliness, no quotes, 100% secular and affordable.

Homeschool planning is not a solo endeavor. 
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Start planning WITH your children, NOT FOR your children. 

Get ready for more joy, less drudgery! 

More Joy. Less Drudgery.

Bringing ease and autonomy to your homeschool.

What is Partnership Homeschooling?

Homeschool planning is not a solo endeavor.  There is no reason for you have to lock yourself away for hours or weeks to create magical lesson plans and unit studies.  In fact, if you’ve been down that planning-as-a-job rabbit hole then you know the frustration of “all plan, no execution”.  Either you or your kids will burn out, life will change, or you just won’t get around to those planned experiments. So, now you feel frustrated and stuck and (gasp) resentful.  Plus, how will our kids ever gain educational autonomy if we do everything for them and don’t teach them planning skills?


This is planning WITH our children, NOT FOR our children. 

Get ready for more joy, less drudgery!



I’m been a homeschooling mom for eight years. After launching my own businesses and juggling the work/school circus, I quickly realized that what we had been doing was burning us all out.   With a background in engineering, I like things to be simple and effective and I was finding our homeschool was anything but.   That’s when I started partnership planning.  Since then, I have created a whole line of simple tools that are easy-to-use and foster a partnership between you and your students.  

Plan together.  Grow together. Leave more time for fun.

New to Homeschooling?

Grab my free guide “Quickstart Homeschool Manual” to get practical advice on starting a relaxed homeschool.   Nine pages of mindset shifts and general cheerleading to boost your confidence and get your homeschool launched today.