Whether you’re a new or seasoned homeschooler, I’d love to work with  you to create a relaxed, joyful homeschool.


simple Quickstart

Hit the ground running with a custom plan for one child. 


Family Quickstart

Have a few kids? Get a custom plan for the family (up to 3 kids).


Hourly Coaching

Get encouragement and coaching for your specific concerns.


Community Support

Join like-minded homeschool families on our Facebook page,

Simple Quickstart


Includes a sixty minute phone consultation and a written plan outlining suggested resources and schooling approaches.
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Family Quickstart


Includes a 60-minute initial phone consultation, follow-up research, a document detailing your custom resource list and plan of attack for each student, and a follow-up consultation. 3 kids max.
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Hourly Coaching


For families looking for follow-up coaching and support, I offer phone consultations, research support, and plan modifications on an as-needed basis.
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Looking for more help?

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Planners & Tools

Unique, step-by-step planners designed for a partnership-style homeschool.

Partnership Planners

All of my tools aim to build autonomy and joy in your homeschool. By guiding you along the way and encouraging you to plan WITH your student, you'll soon have a relaxed, thriving homeschool.
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Still Have questions?

New to Homeschooling?

Grab my free guide “Quickstart Homeschool Manual” to get practical advice on starting a relaxed homeschool.   Nine pages of mindset shifts and general cheerleading to boost your confidence and get your homeschool launched today.