More joy. Less drudgery.

Homeschooling is

Your planning shouldn’t have to be.


Homeschooling is easy as one-two-three

Partnership planning


devise a plan. for now.

Pick a “good enough” starting point. Work together with your student to pick subjects, resources, and schedules.  You can always adapt later.  The best thing you can do for your student is to start.  


Work together

Lesson planning should not be the “locked away in the den for hours by yourself” kind of experience.  By having your student involved, you’ll teach autonomy and improve engagement for everyone.


Revisit & Revise

Your homeschool should be a living thing.  Your planning process should reflect that.  Reviewing your approach weekly and quarterly is essential to catching problems and adapting to a growing student.

I'll show you how

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Simple tools. Time tested.

Designed for two

Homeschool planning is not a solo endeavor.  include your kids in the process and you are Teaching them to become independent and self-motivated learners.  

battle tested

these tools are born from 8 years of firsthand experience.  They’re the tools we use every day to create our own  relaxed (yet academic) homeschool.

Step-by-step Help

be guided through every step of your school year.  from setting up your master plan to reviewing your school quarterly, My Annual planner is designed to guide you from a-z.

minimalist design

No Cutesy.  No Florals.  100% Secular.  Just Streamlined, Easy-To-Use Tools That Focus On What Matters:  You And Your Student’s Success.

Get started right now

Launch your homeschool today

start with mindset

It’s like a pep talk in your pocket.  This free 9-page guide talks about key mindset shifts to adopt for a relaxed homeschool.  Boost your confidence, set your direction, and get on with it.

The Details

– Boost your confidence to just start

– Learn how to Structure your days

– Get a primer on homeschool Styles

"good enough" is great

Analysis paralysis is one of the biggest hurdles for new homeschoolers.  This free 9-page guide is a curated list of easy-to-implement, secular curricula to get your homeschool off the ground quickly.  Perfect is the enemy of done so make some choices and move forward.

The details

– All-in-One programs

– subject-specific “Pinch hitters”

– Online and printed curricula

– Enrichment and games


For when it gets real

It can be a lot to manage, I know.  Sometimes you just want somebody to tell you the next step.  This planner does just that.  From creating your start-of-the-year Master Plan and weekly lesson planning to auditing your weeks and revising said Master Plan, this planner holds your hand step-by-messy-step. 

The details

– Undated annual PDF planner (fillable)

– 280 Pages, 52 weeks

– Homeschool Master Plan, Student questionnaires, Weekly 2-page lesson spreads, Weekly audits, and Quarterly Reviews.  

– Plus bonuses:  Book logs, field trip journals and more!



About ingrid

I’m been a homeschooling mom for eight years. After launching my own businesses and juggling the work/school circus, I quickly realized that what we had been doing was burning us all out.   With a background in engineering, I like things to be simple and effective and I was finding our homeschool was anything but.   That’s when I started partnership planning.  Since then, I have created a whole line of simple tools that are easy-to-use and foster a partnership between you and your students.  

Plan together.  Grow together. Leave more time for fun.

New to Homeschooling?

Grab my free guide “Quickstart Homeschool Manual” to get practical advice on starting a relaxed homeschool.   Nine pages of mindset shifts and general cheerleading to boost your confidence and get your homeschool launched today.